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BARC Midlands Rescue Heveningham 2022
BARC Midlands Rescue Heveningham 2022

Motorsport Rescue

BARC Midlands Rescue has supported motorsport events in the UK and Europe for over three decades. Since its inception in 1988, our vehicle and crew have attended hundreds of hill climbs, sprints, rallies, speedway and circuit based events, covering both bike and car racing.

During this period we’ve experienced many changes, including several vehicles, a number of retirements and the arrival of some fantastic new crew members.

Our latest vehicle was introduced in late 2014 and features medical and rescue equipment from many of the world’s leading manufacturers.

The BARC Midlands Rescue crew currently includes two Paramedics, a technician trained to Qualsafe First Response Emergency Care Level 4 (FREC 4) and another to FREC 5. We also have two qualified trainers, ensuring our knowledge and skills are regularly updated.

Although we enjoy a hectic schedule almost every season, if you are looking for motorsport rescue services to support your event, please get in touch. Simply call Chris Hall on 07973 622 489 or email   We regularly work with a number of Motorsport UK registered Paramedics and ambulance services. So, we can also organise various aspects of medical support if required.

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