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Steven Riddle MotoFest 2018
Steven Riddle MotoFest 2018

ROUND 9 & 10 – MotoFest

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ROUND 9 – Saturday 1 June 2019

ROUND 10 – Sunday 2 June 2019

On first arrival you might find the truly urban surroundings a little unusual – but wait until the crowd arrives, the atmosphere builds and you crack into your runs to see that this is a challenging little track.

You will be lining up at the start on the dual carriageway in the usual way. Lights go green and it’s a flat out blast through an underpass (shades of Monaco), moving in a gentle left-hand bend.

You will then arrive at the first of the chicanes. As this is a temporary track, we cannot be precise about each location, but this one is a right-left-right made up of low plastic barriers. There are plenty of chicanes at Coventry and it’s oh so tempting to brake at the last moment, chuck in and hope for the best. As ever, you will spend a lot of time in these slow bends and a neat entry and a full power exit is critical, so be neat and keep it tidy.

After another 300 metres or so, another left-right chicane appears. Then it’s an easy curving right into a tighter chicane of left-right-left, another neat exit and through a kink towards the roundabout.

Here you will go though traffic lights (yes really) into a long right-hander that tightens up on exit. You will come out on a slip road leading back onto the dual carriageway. A short 300 meter or so straight and its a right-left-right chicane curving left now and into a right-left chicane. Another 300 metres or so and into a right-left-right chicane, exiting for a short flat out dash to the line and the roar of an appreciative crowd.

We’ve said it many times in these guides, but keeping momentum, braking hard but neatly, and concentrating on getting a good clean slingshot exit really is the way. Once you lose momentum here you will feel the time just bleeding away. So, good luck and keep away from the barriers!

MotoFest Coventry Sprint Course

Length: 1.141 Miles – 1.836 Kilometres

2018 MotoFest Coventry Sprint Course

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