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Blyton Park – Round 20 & 21

Blyton Park

ROUND 20 – 2nd September 2017

ROUND 21 – 3rd September 2017

Blyton Park is now well established on the sprinting and testing scene. Its recent purchase by Ginetta Cars can only mean investment and greater opportunity. So, good news for us competitors!

Round 20 on Saturday 2nd September is the first time we’ll be using the Eastern Circuit. So, for hints and tips, you’ll need to wait for next season’s Clive’s Drives.

However, Round 21 on Sunday 3rd September features the familiar Sprint Circuit. So, let’s look at how this can be tackled.

Lining up by the timing hut, as the lights go green, it’s a 300 to 400 metre straight dash to the left hander at Jochen. A deceptively fast entry needs to tempered by the fact this leads straight into the chicane at The Ump. As you will be braking from highish speeds and turning left, you need to settle the car down to make a tidy passage through and a good exit out of the chicane.

We now begin a very long left through Lancaster. You could stay tight on the left, but a middle of the road exit, bleeding out to the right, is probably the bushman’s way here.

Now, the road opens up for a fast straight down to The Wiggler. This is a left-right-left chicane – quicker than it looks and with big kerbs. So, tidiness is essential and once again, a fast exit running out to the right is required.

We now approach Bishops from the right of the track. This is a left-hander and quicker than it looks. However, it has good exit space, so you can carry a bit more speed than you think into Bunga Bunga.

Bunga Bunga is the inverse of Bishops, being slower on exit than entry. My advice here is brake before entry, get turned in and then progressively add speed as it opens up.

It’s important to be on the throttle on exit, as the fast Port Froid sweeper is coming up. A very fast right-left-right sequence, which needs to be built up to on each run. Keep on the gas as you exit, but don’t outbrake yourself at the ninety-degree right of Ushers. It’s easy to throw away all your hard work here. So, better to brake a little early and get a fast exit and over the finish.

Blyton Park Sprint Circuit

Blyton Park Sprint Circuit 2000x1083

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