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BARC SBD Rockingham Clio 2017
BARC SBD Rockingham Clio 2017

Abingdon CAR-nival – Round 8

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ROUND 8 – 10th June 2017

One of the fun parts of the Abingdon CAR-nival is we get two tracks for the price of one. We’ll look at the Abingdon track first.

The Abingdon Track

At the Startline, it’s good if you can angle slightly to the right for the upcoming left. The fewer direction and /or weight changes you make, the better. Off the line and up the gears, the left is slightly quicker than it looks. So, a wide, later entry and then let the car run out, there’s plenty of track to play with!

Then, start moving left for the fast right-hand kink . Depending on what grip or aero you have, it’s pretty quick. However, the faster you go through it, the less braking zone you’ll have for the chicane . In my mind, this is a critical section. You will be in this corner longer than any other, due to its slow speed. So, neatness is all. I ‘sacrifice’ the first part, so as to get a really wide entry into the last right-left, key, because a longish straight now awaits.

The fast left at the end is quick and, as usual, a late entry is good. But, people have been known to run off on exit, so don’t be too heroic as you cross the line.

The Bentley Track

This track is a greater technical challenge, where neatness counts for more. You will have a five hundred metre run down to the first ninety-degree right. Don’t brake too late, but turn in neatly and get on the power to the hairpin left. A later turn in here will power you up to the next square right, which leads onto a medium straight.

A really tight and tricky right-left-right now appears and it may even require first gear- it is that tight! As all slow corners detain you for longer than quick ones, it’s key to be tidy and to get a good slingshot out onto the fifty metres to the finish.

The image featured on this page is © Jack Flash Photography 2017

Abingdon Circuits

Abingdon Long Circuit

Map courtesy of Sutton & Cheam Motor Club © Barry Guess 2017

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