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What Will I Need?

Clothing & Footwear

The philosophy that underpins membership of the BARC Marshals Team is to let you experience motorsport marshalling without the need to invest in specialist clothing or equipment.

If you’re already a motorsport enthusiast, we are sure you’ll want to join us. However, we’d prefer you to have the knowledge and experience required to make an informed choice. So, our advice is that simply checking the weather forecast will provide you with a good idea of what to wear on the day.

Initially, you will not be expected to wear the traditional orange overalls that have become synonymous with marshals in the UK, as the Hi-Viz tabard provided on arrival will be more than sufficient. However, if you already own a pair, then these are ideal. It’s worth noting that if you decide to become part of the BARC Marshals Team, our stamp card scheme, which forms part of the BARC marshal’s benefits package, gives you the opportunity to obtain your overalls for free.

Multiple layers are great when it’s cold and can easily be removed if you get too hot. Natural fibres, such as denim jeans, cotton combat trousers, wool jumpers or long sleeved cotton tops are ideal, but the choice is entirely up to you. Modern synthetics, including polyester fleece, are sure to keep you warm, dry quickly, and have become the fabric of choice for many outdoor pursuits. However, the majority of these are highly flammable, so should be kept away from sources of ignition.

You’ll frequently be near to moving vehicles, in addition to walking across uneven and potentially muddy terrain. So, training shoes aren’t suitable for these environments. As you’ll quickly discover, personal safety is paramount too, so wearing work boots with a protective toecap is a great way to safeguard your feet. However, sturdy hiking boots should be sufficient.

As the British weather can change very rapidly, packing a showerproof or waterproof jacket is a great idea, plus waterproof trousers if you have them. You may also want to consider bringing protective sun lotion and a chapstick to avoid wind-burnt lips, plus safety glasses, sunglasses and a hat too.

When you’re working out on circuit, in the pits, assembly area or on the start line, you’ll need to keep exposed skin covered. So, wearing a short sleeved top, shorts or a skirt isn’t allowed. You’ll also need to avoid bright red, yellow, blue and green clothing, as these colours can easily be confused with critical flag signals.

Finally, please bring a pair of leather palmed work gloves or welders gauntlets with you on the day. These are readily available for around £5 from all good DIY and workwear stores. If you are unable to obtain suitable gloves, we are sure that one of our team will be able to loan you a pair for the duration of the event. However, please remember to return these and any other items you’ve borrowed before you leave.

Food & Drink

It’ll be a long day, so you’ll need to bring sufficient food, plus hot and cold drinks. On hot days, staying hydrated is critical, so bottled water is essential. Please be aware that alcohol is not permitted whilst on duty.

Most circuits have a diner and there may also be mobile caterers on site throughout the day. However, access to these facilities is often limited to arrival, lunch and after the event.


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