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The Basics

What do I Need to Know?

From social care to renovating historic monuments, charity fundraising to grass roots football, volunteers are a hugely important resource. According to the latest Active People survey, over 5.5 million people regularly volunteer in sport and motorsport is no exception.

Marshalling is a great way for motor racing enthusiasts to become actively involved with the sport, contributing towards its ongoing success. Without the dedicated men and women who regularly support circuit racing, hill climbs, sprints, rallies and more, there would be very little motorsport in the UK. And, under current international regulations, without marshals, no ‘licensed’ motorsport could take place.

The UK has established a global reputation for the highest levels of motorsport safety. Marshals are part of a team that ensures these standard are consistently maintained, helping the sport we love to thrive. Every competitive motorsport meeting the BARC organises needs marshals and whatever their role, this contributes to both the event’s success and the smooth running of the entire organisation.

Accessible to All

Most of us know that maintaining good mobility and a general level of fitness contributes positively to personal wellbeing, helping us to get more out of life.  They’re also beneficial for dealing with the long, demanding days marshals are sometimes expected to endure. However, the BARC Marshals Team is committed to making motorsport volunteering accessible to all. So, whatever your level of ability, we will work with you, endeavouring to identify a suitable role. And, if your circumstances change, we will make every effort to find ways of keeping you actively involved.

Opportunities are also available for those individuals fortunate enough to be under eighteen years of age. However, these are governed by Motorsport UK‘s Under 18 Marshal Policies. As the United Kingdom’s governing body, Motorsport UK classifies those between eleven and sixteen years of age as Cadet Marshals and those between sixteen and eighteen years as Marshals. Under these policies, the duties a Cadet Marshal can fulfil are limited and they must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or formally authorised temporary carer at all times. Those marshals between sixteen and eighteen are allowed far more freedom and scope, but still require the consent of a parent or guardian for each day they attend an event.

To discover more about the opportunities available for younger motorsport enthusiasts, please get in touch with our Volunteer Manager, Josh Bennett. Josh is normally available from 09:00 until 17:00 most weekdays on 01264 882 210 or you can email if you prefer.

Does Marshalling Involve a Big Commitment?

As with many other activities, the more you put in, the greater the benefits that will result. However, your level of commitment is totally flexible and every contribution made will be greatly appreciated. As a guide, Motorsport UK recommends a minimum of four days marshalling every year, in addition to attending a training day every two years.

It’s All About Choice

As a member of the BARC Marshals Team you’ll have an extensive choice of venues and motorsport disciplines to choose from including circuit racing at Thruxton, hillclimbs at Harewood, sprints at Rockingham and Rallycross at Pembrey. So, deciding what types of events to attend and where to go are likely to be the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make. However, we’re sure that you’ll quickly find venues that you prefer, the types of racing that fire your passion or simply the people you really enjoy working with.

Take your time and enjoy the journey, there’s no rush to explore the extensive range of options available. We’re sure you’ll meet some incredible people, in addition to being actively involved in delivering some truly amazing racing. However, we can’t guarantee that every day you spend as a marshal will be inspirational.
In addition to the varied event programme available to you, there’s also a diverse range of roles you can fulfil. Initially these include a

Track Marshal managing safety out on circuit, a Flag Marshal delivering vital communications or a Specialist Marshal managing the pit lane, start line or assembly area. However, as your training and personal development progress, you’ll be able to explore even more options, including advanced marshalling roles, Motorsport Rescue, Stewarding, Timekeeping and Scrutineering. What’s more, you won’t be expected to adhere to just one role, creating even more flexibility.

So, when combined with the multitude of venues and motorsport disciplines, the opportunities available are almost limitless. But remember, almost everyone working as a motorsport volunteer started out as a marshal. Marshalling provides the fundamental knowledge that’s essential to progressing successfully within the sport. So, whether you want to become a Clerk of the Course, or simply attend a few events each year as a marshal, the choice is up to you. But whatever you decide, we’ll be there to provide the support and guidance that will help to ensure your ambitions are fulfilled.

Training & Personal Development

As a member of the BARC Marshals Team, you’ll benefit from structured training in all aspects of motorsport, from fire fighting and first aid to radio operation and team working.
Initially you will be working with experienced Marshals who will provide ‘on the job’ training. This will be supplemented by attending free, formal training sessions held annually at venues nationwide.

A Note of Caution

Many new volunteers find motorsport marshalling highly compelling and rapidly begin attending events almost every weekend. For some, this leads to issues at home or work, and potentially rapid burn out or total disillusion. So, please aim for a healthy balance. We’d much rather enjoy your support as a long-term member of the BARC Marshals Team instead of a short and unhealthy period of intense activity.

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