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Membership Options

A Choice To Suit You


ANNUAL FEE – £40.00

This entitles members to:
• Carry the BARC badge
• Receive our quarterly magazine for free
• Benefit from trade discounts and concessions on spectating at Thruxton Circuit
• Enjoy social and training events organised nationally by the BARC

Members are also welcome to train as officials or marshals.

Competitors who only intend to participate in hillclimbs, sprints or race meetings organised by one of the BARC’s Regional Centres should purchase club membership and combine it this with the membersip of the relevant Centre.


Only available as an addition to BARC membership

Membership of the various Centres’ is available for a small additional annual fee on top of the club membership. You may join as many Centres’ as you wish. BARC Centre’s are detailed on the Regional Centres page of the main BARC website.

Centre Membership entitles you to take part in your chosen centre’s competitive events and to receive their magazine or newsletter. Hillclimb and Sprint competitors and competitors entering racing championships or racing series organised by our regional centres need only hold an appropriate centre membership in addition to the basic club membership.

A centre member’s spouse or partner may become a joint member of that centre for an extra £5.00. If they wish to compete in BARC or BARC centre championship, are required to take up separate basic BARC membership.


ANNUAL FEE – £10.00

A member’s spouse or partner may join the club at a reduced rate.


ANNUAL FEE – £120.00

Specifically for competitors who are participating in competitions organised by the BARC’s headquarters, gives all the benefits of club membership. It also entitles members to entre and receive regulations for all the BARC organised race meetings and all BARC run championships.

Racing members may also attend any of the BARC workshops that are organised for certain championships.


ANNUAL FEE – £7.00

Those aged between 10 and 17 may join the club as Junior Members. They are entitled to the BARC Startline Magazine, to carry the BARC badge, benefit from trade discounts and to receive special spectating concessions at Thruxton Circuit. They may transfer to club membership at the age of 18. Junior Members need to submit an annual photograph; passport size is preferred.

All membership fees are valid from 1st January 2018

How to Join

If you're interested in joining, please get in touch

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