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2024 BARC Speed Champ Web Header AW
2024 BARC Speed Champ Web Header AW

2024 Raymond Good Trophy Points Table

Raymond Good (Joiners) Limited has delivered beautifully hand-crafted joinery throughout Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties since 1962.

Designing and creating an extensive range of products from unique staircases and external doors to casements and cabinets, this family run business is a proud member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

James and William Hunt from Raymond Good are both well-established speed competitors and have regularly driven in the BARC Speed Championship. They are both committed to supporting club level motorsport and have sponsored the BARC Speed Championship for well over a decade. For 2024, Raymond Good will continue to provide a perpetual trophy, plus £100 and a trophy for 1st Place, £75 and a trophy for 2nd Place and £50 and a trophy for 3rd Place.

The ongoing development of the BARC Speed Championship Points System will eventually see integration of the Raymond Good Trophy when funds allow. In the meantime, please find a points table below, allow competitors to keep track of their standing.

Please be aware this table is manually updated and will not always align with the BARC Speed Championship Points & Class Standings. However, if you spot anything that doesn’t look quite right, please email Taras Andrusin or Liam Matthews.

24001Roger Abbott2A12
24002Matt Bramall2B39
24003Chris Bramall2B26
24004Roger Legg2A7
24005Glen Shaw1C30
24006Paul Rennison1B36
24007Toby Ward1B0
24008Philip Matchwick2B11
24009Keith Bond3A0
24010Graham Beale3F13
24011Nigel Holt3E3
24012Peter Richings1E17
24013Lewis Porto3B0
24014Graham Holdstock2A0
24015Wayne Stirling Parker1C0
24016Justin Andrews3B6
24017Jim Bridge3C0
24018Maggie RichardsSB26
24019Ian RichardsSB45
24020Carole Nicholls3A0
24021Carole Nicholls5B4
24022William HuntSB6
24023Richard Mallet4A0
24024Stephen Mallet4A8
24025James Hunt1C18
24026David Garnett1B18
24027Chris Dee1B1
24028Robert Pallett3F13
24029James Stocks1E8
24030Matthew Gregory1B38
24031Carolyn Bond3A0

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