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Chris Berrisford

To BARC Midlands Centre, the Championship is as much about keeping our competitors happy as it is about ensuring we continue to deliver excellent events. So, to gauge how we’re getting on, our Championship Press Officer, Kate Neal, caught up with Chris Berrisford before the 2019 Season to find out a little more about him, his car and his thought on the previous year. Chris has been in the Championship since 2013, here’s what he had to say…

Please tell us a little about the history of your car…

I started with the wrong type of Impreza. I bought a UK car from my step brother (who turned the money into a kitchen), instead of an RA import from Japan. It’s evolved over the last five years to the point where its now competitive with other developed Subarus and Evos.

Do you have any help getting the car ‘Race Ready’?

I use SD Motorsport. Steven is a genius at sorting Subarus in particular and a great driver coach.

What did you enjoy most about 2018?

I was lucky enough to get an entry this year for the St. Goueno hill climb in France this year. Amazing!

If you were permitted a co-driver, who would it be?

Don’t want one… extra weight.

Chris Berrisford - Subaru Impreza

Do you have a mascot?

See my previous answer.

What do you plan to do during downtime?​

Try and make the car quicker.

Do you perform any funny customs before going out on track?


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