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Competitor Q&A

We hope that the majority of competitors and everyone else involved with the Midlands Centre agrees that since 2018 the BARC Connaught Speed Championship has changed for the better. All that has been achieved is down to the people involved, the Centre’s committee, our marshals, officials and especially our competitors.

The BARC Connaught Speed Championship is dedicated to creating a fun, friendly and inclusive environment that delivers great camaraderie and truly competitive motorsport. As we head towards what we are determined will be an excellent future, making things even better is going to depend on more people getting involved with driving positive change.

So, to help develop an even greater focus on the people that make the BARC Connaught Speed Championship such a fantastic series, our Championship Press Officer, Kate Neal, has been out and about talking to the some of the individuals involved. Simply click on any of the images below to hear what they had to say.

Kate will be carrying out more interviews with our marshals, officials and competitors soon. So, if you’d like to take part, then simply email Hopefully this will help everyone get to know each other better, allowing us all to have an even more enjoyable time!

Hear what they have to say...

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